10 Baltimore Ravens predictions for the upcoming season

As fans, we know how the Ravens’ organization operates based on the past. So, let’s take a look at a couple of Ravens predictions for the 2021 season.

#1. The Ravens will be one of the top teams in sacks, even though many fans believe they need another pass-rusher. Honestly, I want them to trade for Chandler Jones. However, I am predicting that Calais Campbell has a huge season with around 14 sacks and Tyus Bowser also goes over ten sacks. I also predict very productive rookie years across the board out of the Odafe Oweh and Daelin Hayes. I think the Ravens found future All-Pros in both Oweh and Hayes. Ultimately, I think the Ravens will have a very dominant defense for much of the foreseeable future.

#2. The Ravens will have not one, but two 1,000 yard receivers this season, as well as multiple other productive receivers because Lamar will hit over 4,000 passing yards for the first time in his career. Sounds crazy, but I think the Ravens will have the NFL’s best offense this year with a huge boost to their passing attack.

#3. This leads me to my prediction that J.K. Dobbins will break 1,000 rushing yards, but Gus the Bus will be the one who leads in touchdowns. I still believe the Ravens will have a top 5 rushing attack, even if they go to the air more.

#4. The Ravens will go undefeated for the first 11 games before dropping 3 in a row against the Steelers, Browns, and the Packers. Ultimately, they will finish the season 13-4. I anticipate that they will split the division games, but still win the division by their record.

#5. Justin Tucker will bounce back from the misses in the playoffs against the Bills by making every FG this season, except the first FG in the season opener against the Raiders. He will also break the NFL record for the longest FG with a 65-yard FG against the Denver Broncos before half-time.

#6. Sammy Watkins will play in at least 13 games during the regular season. He will have over 100 yards receiving and two touchdowns against the Chiefs in week two. I believe the Ravens are the perfect fit for Sammy Watkins and he will end up re-signing a long-term contract.

#7. This is my favorite Ravens prediction: Rashod Bateman will win offensive rookie of the year and make the Pro Bowl by putting around up 1,200 receiving yards and 13 touchdowns. I believe he will be the future WR1 for the Baltimore Ravens. I see Bateman dominating in the NFL and being the top WR from the 2021 NFL Draft. It’s about time the Ravens draft their own Pro Bowl WR and I think that is exactly what has happened.

#8. The Ravens offensive line will stay healthy and rank as one of the best offensive lines in the NFL, with multiple players making the Pro Bowl.

#9. Marlon Humphrey will have the best season of any cornerback in the NFL, with 5+ forced fumbles and 6+ interceptions. The secondary and pass-rush will lead the Ravens to have the #1 defense in the NFL for most of the season.

#10. The Ravens will get the #1 seed and end up winning the Super Bowl against the Los Angeles Rams. But to get there they will go through the Buffalo Bills in the divisional round. This time the Ravens will win 35-14, getting their revenge. Let’s be honest, the Titans can give the Bills some advice on what happens when you play the Ravens in a rematch in the playoffs. The AFC Championship will be between the Ravens and the Browns. It will be a close and great game, but ultimately the Ravens will win by a last-second Justin Tucker field goal 31-28.

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