2021 NFL Draft Prospects WR: Trevon Grimes could be a steal!

2021 NFL Draft Prospects WR

So, in the last post, we talked about Cornell Powell, who is a potential WR steal on the list of 2021 NFL Draft prospects. Well, Trevon Grimes is another. And Ravens fans may like him even more because of his size. Trevon Grimes could come in and do exactly what the Ravens have needed Miles Boykin to do: be a solid chain-mover, frequent end-zone target, and great run blocker.

Grimes may not be that WR1 that everyone wants, but he fits the Ravens. He was able to put up around 600 yards (about 16 yards a catch) and 9 touchdowns his final season before the 2021 NFL Draft. He is capable of making contested catches. And what makes him the best fit for the Ravens is the fact that he provides a lot of extra value to the blocking game.

2021 NFL Draft Prospects WR: Trevon Grime Highlights

As you can see in the Trevon Grimes highlights above, he is capable of going up for the difficult catches. He also uses his frame as a strength. He may still need to turn it up a little bit, but drafting him in a late-round comes with huge potential upside. Grimes can be a solid redzone threat for any team that drafts him.

Being on the same time as Kyle Pitts, who is a tight end that will probably be drafted in the top 10, definitely caused Grimes to be overshadowed. I believe in the right offense his blocking and abilities as a receiver can be effective.

Ultimately, I think Grimes could be what the Ravens wanted Boykin to be. Boykin is also good at blocking, like Grimes, but I think that Grimes is a better receiver. He just plays harder than Boykin, at least from what I have seen. With that being said, I wouldn’t mind seeing the Ravens use a 6th-round or even a late 5th-round pick on Grimes if he is still available.

Are there any other 2021 NFL Draft WR Prospects that you would like to see the Ravens draft in the late-rounds of the 2021 NFL Draft?

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