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Welcome to Ravens Rundown, the Baltimore Ravens news and analysis blog brought to you by Ravens Super Fan, Billy Kosko. I am the fan behind this Ravens blog. Ravens Rundown is dedicated to providing only the best Ravens news, analysis and original content. What is posted on this site comes from a fan’s perspective. The Ravens Rundown blog does its best to use valid and trustworthy sources for any and all information and analysis, but at the end of the day remember, any Ravens rumor is still just a rumor until it happens. This Ravens blog also serves as a community for all Ravens fans to find Ravens news, rumors, analysis, free agency and trade updates, and to discuss their team!

As a lifelong Ravens fan, I finally decided to create a Ravens blog to share my opinions and analysis on the Baltimore Ravens and the NFL. We are currently in the building phase as Ravens Rundown was just born in 2021. We are open to guest posts, but currently are not paying for them. This may change as time goes on. We prefer guest posts to be on the Baltimore Ravens, but we also accept NFL-related articles on topics like the NFL Salary Cap, NFL Draft, NFL Free Agency, etc. All work must be original.

We are also open to advertising partners as well. For any writing or business inquires, either use the contact form page or email us at admin@ravensrundown.com. Feel free to also check me out at Ebony Bird. I am a contributor of the Ebony Bird Ravens blog.

Stay tuned for all the best Ravens news, rumors, analysis, free agency updates, trade updates, and more from this super fan’s perspective! I look forward to hearing from all of you great Ravens fans out there! Go Ravens!