Antonio Brown Ravens: Could AB help out the Ravens passing game?

Antonio Brown Ravens

I actually discussed this with someone in a Ravens Facebook group the other day. At first, I was against this idea of “Antonio Brown Ravens.” Why? I mean, he has had a timeline of trouble and I didn’t want him to bring any drama to the locker room.

After reading up on Antonio Brown recently with an open mind, I have actually changed my mind. The dude has grown as a person and would be a great voice in the locker room. I am very open to the idea of “Antonio Brown Ravens.” To be honest, he would be a great fit. Why? After his suspension, Antonio Brown showed that he is still capable of being a highly productive player. In eight regular-season games, he caught 45 of 62 targets for 483 yards and four touchdowns. That is better than most of the Ravens current receivers in all 16 games.

In the playoffs, Brown caught a touchdown in Tampa Bay’s wild-card win over the Washington Football Team. He missed the NFC Title game with the Packers due to an injury. But then he caught another touchdown in the Buccaneers’ win over the Chiefs in Super Bowl LV.

Antonio Brown Ravens
Antonio Brown Ravens: AB posted this photo last year when Lamar Jackson wanted the front office to sign him.

I mean, you gotta admit, he looks good in the Ravens uniform. Let’s be honest, Lamar Jackson and Marquise Brown would welcome Antonio Brown to the Ravens. There would be immediate chemistry. Antonio Brown is Marquise Brown’s cousin after all.

In April, Jackson worked out with Brown, who is the cousin of Ravens first-round pick Marquise “Hollywood” Brown. Jackson later said he would be “happy” if Baltimore signed the seven-time Pro Bowl wideout.

ESPN – Jamison Hensley, 2020

Would signing Antonio Brown fix the Ravens passing game immediately?

No, bringing Antonio Brown to the Ravens wouldn’t immediately fix all of their passing issues. Keith Williams, the new pass-game specialist, will be the one fixing the schemes. But as someone mentioned to me in the discussion I had about this possibility of Antonio Brown Ravens, he is a veteran that could come in and provide immediate help to the Ravens. Plus, he would be able to teach the younger receivers a lot. This is what the Ravens intended to do when they signed Dez Bryant. No offense, but AB is still far more productive than Dez Bryant, regardless of the offense.

Including the regular season and playoffs, Brown’s numbers were 53 receptions for 564 yards and 6 touchdowns in 11 games. At 32 years old, he is still capable of getting it done. Honestly, he could come in and be a number one wide receiver for the Ravens. The Ravens wouldn’t have to change their offense from being run-first. Antonio Brown would make the run game even more fierce because he is a feared and respected receiver, regardless of his age. Defenses are not going to sleep on Antonio Brown.

Another important fact to point out is that Antonio Brown makes the receivers around him better. For example, JuJu Smith-Schuster’s best season (and pretty much only great season) came in 2018 when he lined up on the other side of Antonio Brown. JuJu put up 1,426 yards on 111 receptions. Imagine it, Antonio Brown Ravens: he comes in and pushes his cousin, Marquise Brown, to be better. AB would teach Marquise and help him develop. Other young guys would benefit too, like Devin Duvernay in the slot. It would take the pressure off Mark Andrews to make all the clutch plays on 3rd down.

Lamar Jackson would gain confidence throwing to someone he trusts in. He would also gain confidence because the front office would finally listen to him and bring someone in that he wants them to bring in. I mean, they worked out together for god’s sake.

The more I read and think about the idea of it, the more I am like this family reunion of Antonio Brown Ravens just makes absolute, perfect sense. He is around the same age as the other receivers we brought in to be the number one guy. Think about it: Anquan Boldin came to Baltimore at 30. Steve Smith Sr. came to Baltimore at 35. Derrick Mason came to Baltimore at 31.

It is totally a Baltimore Ravens type move. It’s exactly what the Ravens need to get over the hump in the playoffs and win that third Super Bowl.

Antonio Brown Ravens

Well, there’s me shooting my shot. Let’s see if they respond. Or at the very least, it gets some retweets and makes its way back to the Ravens front office. I am all for this now.

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