Baltimore Ravens Latest News: Antonio Brown, Justin Houston, and More

Baltimore Ravens Latest News

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In Baltimore Ravens latest news, Justin Houston is set to visit the Baltimore Ravens next Tuesday. He could be the perfect veteran acquisition for the Baltimore Ravens to improve their pass rush. Now, a visit doesn’t guarantee anything, but if the Ravens like what they see, I imagine they will do everything in their power to get a deal done.

However, anyone signed before May 3rd can affect the compensatory pick formula, unless they were released by their former team. Therefore, that may cause the Ravens to wait until after the Draft. Though, if they feel Houston is worth it, they may be willing to risk losing a fourth comp pick. I personally think they should sign him if they can (if the money is right). It would give them more freedom in the 2021 NFL Draft to select whatever position they want in the first round. Or they could also trade back for more picks.

Justin Houston is one of the top free agents remaining. In 2 seasons with the Colts, he served as their top outside rusher, recording 19 sacks. In his 10 seasons, Houston has reached double-digit sacks four times. According to Jeff Zrebiec, other potential Ravens visits include Jadeveon Clowney, Ryan Kerrigan, Melvin Ingram, Aldon Smith, and Everson Griffen.

Baltimore Ravens Latest News: Antonio Brown workout with Marquise Brown, Lamar Jackson

Other Baltimore Ravens news includes the continuous offseason rumor of Antonio Brown to the Ravens. I can’t say I don’t wish it would happen already. I definitely do. In fact, I recently posted about the workout and rumor on Ebony Bird. At this point, I feel that either Steve Bisciotti and/or the money is the hold-up. However, I am not sure how much sway Lamar Jackson and Marquise Brown have with AB.

Maybe he really does prefer to go back to Tampa Bay than to play with Lamar and his family. Either way, I think he is a better fit in Baltimore, where he would clearly be the #1 wide receiver out of the gate. Even though Antonio Brown isn’t the same player he once was, he is still capable of being highly productive. He will make plays in the passing game for the Ravens. I could see Antonio Brown coming to Baltimore and winning another Super Bowl with a different team. That would look great on his (already great) Hall of Fame resume.

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Anthony Levine Returns

Anthony Levine Sr. wasn’t a lock to return because of his age (34). His defensive snap count has also been decreasing. But he is a great situational and special teams player to have. The Ravens love to keep their special teams in tack, which received high grades in 2020 (as it usually does).

Levine has played more special teams snaps than any player during his team in Baltimore (2,720). He is the obvious leader of the special teams unit. During his career, he has also played important snaps at safety and linebacker. Wink Martindale loves to use Levine in multiple schemes.

It is true that age has finally caught up to him a little bit. He did miss one game in 2020, but he played every game for seven seasons in a row. So, I would say that age hasn’t bothered him very much. I view this is as a great under-the-radar re-signing for the Baltimore Ravens.

Other Baltimore Ravens News And Rumors

According to, the Ravens trading back in the draft makes a lot of sense (especially if they sign a veteran pass-rusher). The trade that they have is between the Ravens and the Falcons. They have the Ravens giving up pick #27 for pick #35, plus fourth and fifth-round picks. I could see a trade like this, but it seems more likely that the Ravens get a #35 plus third and fifth-round picks. Or even just #35 and a third-round pick seems more likely to me. Depending on who is left on their draft board at #27, I could see them trading back to have more picks.

I personally do not think the Ravens will trade a wide receiver at #27. Honestly, I would rather them bring in Antonio Brown and add a WR in a later-round. I believe that pass-rush, offensive line or even safety or cornerback makes more sense at #27 (if they don’t trade back and depending on if they sign a veteran pass rusher).

How the Ravens draft in 2021 is all dependent upon whether they add a veteran pass-rusher and if they trade Orlando Brown Jr. or not. There hasn’t been much talk on an Orlando Brown Jr. trade and I don’t see it happening. It makes more sense for the Ravens to keep him for a Super Bowl run. However, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t still talks going on. I imagine with all the tackle needy teams out there that Eric DeCosta is still getting phone calls with offers.

What about players other teams are shopping?

There are reports about the Jets shopping C.J. Mosley, but according to John Eisenberg, it is unlikely a reunion will happen. Mosley has way too big of a contract and the Ravens have their inside linebacker position set. I wouldn’t mind the reunion if the contract wasn’t so big. But it won’t happen.

One other player that I have seen linked to the Ravens a bit lately is Chicago Bears WR Anthony Miller. He definitely isn’t a WR1, but he would make sense for the Ravens if the price is right. Why? Well, the Ravens did just bring in Sammy Watkins and they have a few guys that deserve some more snaps (Duvernay, Proche, Cain). However, they lost their primary slot receiver Willie Snead IV to free agency.

I know that Watkins can eat into some of those snaps, as well as potentially Devin Duvernay. But Anthony Miller is a solid option at slot receiver. Also, he would only have a $1.7 million cap hit because he is on the last year of his rookie contract. This makes it so the Ravens have the option to re-sign him if he performs well or let him go if he doesn’t. I am not foolish enough to believe that Anthony Miller is the long-term solution, but he could help the Ravens out, especially if Watkins (God forbid) can’t stay healthy. I hope he stays healthy, but having Miller for some depth would be a good idea.

If the Ravens can snag Miller for a third or preferably fourth-round pick, it would be worth it. Then, they could just develop the young guys they already have, while still having Marquise Brown, Sammy Watkins, and Anthony Miller to help the passing game. They wouldn’t need to draft anyone else this year. I would personally prefer Antonio Brown, but I am not against this.

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