Baltimore Ravens Mock Draft after Orlando Brown Jr. Trade: Trade up, trade back, or stay put?

Ravens mock draft
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I wanted to make a Ravens mock draft for after the Orlando Brown Jr. trade. The 2021 NFL Draft is next Thursday, April 29th at 8 PM. The Ravens just traded Orlando Brown Jr. to the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs get Orlando Brown Jr., Baltimore’s #58 pick, and 2022 sixth-round pick. The Ravens get picks #31, #94, #136, and a 2022 fifth-round pick. Not sure how I feel about this trade yet. I am not big on sending a Pro Bowl tackle to your biggest AFC competition. It just doesn’t seem smart to me. But maybe I am wrong and hopefully, the Ravens use the picks to grab some solid players. If they do, then the trade makes more sense. Plus, Alejandro Villanueva is reportedly signing with the Ravens after the draft. He would replace Brown. So, all in all, it may end up a win for both teams.

I decided to use the PFF Mock Draft Simulator to do the Ravens seven round mock draft for if they Ravens stay put, trade up or trade back. You have to make the pick for the simulator, but the way I did it was a combination of what they said is the best play available and positional need.

Ravens mock draft if they stay put:

#27: Azeez Ojulari, EDGE, Georgia

#31: Terrace Marshall Jr., WR, LSU

#94: Brady Christensen, T, BYU

#104: Trey Hill, C, Georgia

#131: Tre Brown, CB, Oklahoma

#136: Richard LeCounte, S, Georgia

#171: Bobby Brown III, DI, Texas A&M

#184: Khalil Herbert, HB, Virginia Tech (Solid Kick Returner)

#210: Matt Bushman, TE, BYU

Ravens mock draft

Ravens mock draft if they trade back:

In this simulation, the Cowboys accepted the Ravens #31 for #44 AND #75. That’s just an offer I couldn’t pass up.

#27: Terrace Marshall Jr., WR, LSU

#44: Joseph Ossai, EDGE, Texas

#75: Jamar Johnson, S, Indiana

#94: Brady Christensen, T, BYU

#104: Deonte Brown, G, Alabama

#131: Tommy Tremble, TE, Notre Dame

#136: Tre Brown, CB, Oklahoma

#171: Malcolm Koonce, EDGE, Buffalo

#184: Jonathan Marshall, DI, Arkansas

#210: Khyiris Tonga, DI, BYU

Ravens mock draft if they trade up:

The Ravens trade the Atlanta Falcons #27 and #31 for #4 and #68.

#4: Kyle Pitts, TE, Florida

#68: Jamar Johnson, S, Indiana

#94: Brady Christensen, T, BYU

#104: Patrick Johnson, EDGE, Tulane

#131: Kelvin Joseph, CB, Kentucky

#136: Kendrick Green, G, Illinois

#171: Jaylen Twyman, DI, Pittsburgh

#184: Drew Dalman, C, Stanford

#210: Damonte Coxie, WR, Memphis

Which draft do you prefer?

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