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Jason Garrett’s explains why the Cowboys didn’t live up to expectations

Soon, the soccer world will see a distinct facet of Jason Garrett as he strikes into his new position with NBC, becoming a member of the Sunday Night Football Show program. Garrett spent 9 seasons as the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys earlier than leaving in 2020. During his time as head coach, the Cowboys solely had one shedding season, again in 2015 when Tony Romo missed most of the 12 months. While they’d loads of good years, they by no means received handed the Division Round of the playoffs regardless of having a number of alternatives. The former coach was given loads of probabilities in Dallas as he’s the longest-tenured coach of the Cowboys since Jerry Jones purchased the workforce again in 1989.

Why the workforce couldn’t obtain greatness below Garrett, or another Cowboys coach since Jimmy Johnson left, isn’t absolutely understood, however we would have slightly gentle shed on the topic after the former Cowboys coach talked with Rich Eisen on Thursday. Our personal R.J. Ochoa has already lined a part of the interview the place Garrett gives up some recommendation for Mike McCarthy, however we additionally discovered the feedback he made about his failures in Dallas very attention-grabbing.

Eisen requested Garrett about Jerry Jones, and in true Garrett vogue, he solely had good issues to say. But Eisen didn’t let up. While he indicated that he wasn’t fishing for Garrett to say one thing destructive about the Cowboys proprietor, he endured with the notion that there’s a basic sense in Dallas that Jones’ meddling has had a detrimental impact on the success of the workforce. That’s a good declare, however would Garrett take the bait? Actually, the at all times well-spoken Princeton graduate supplied an evidence for why the Cowboys fell quick, and it shouldn’t be stunning that Garrett took full possession. Here is what he had to say:

“He [Jerry Jones] was always so supportive, and he wanted to do what was necessary to win and I always felt like I didn’t do a good enough job communicating what we needed to if there was a decision made that went against some of the things that I wanted to do. Whether it was hiring someone, or signing someone, or making a decision about personnel or how we’re doing things. To me it’s the coach’s job in any organization to create the vision for what you want the team and the program to be and it’s your job to lead and it’s your job to lead upward to ownership to general managers and certainly lead to your coaches and your players and all the staff members who work with the team. So, anytime something didn’t go in a direction that I felt like maybe we should’ve done it this way I always put it back on myself to say clearly, I didn’t communicate that well enough, I didn’t make the argument well enough to get the decision or the outcome that we wanted.”

This is smart because it factors to the lack of management that Garrett had inside the group. That’s not to say that he was a “puppet” as many like to declare, however fairly confronted opposition to run the workforce like he would’ve wished. Garrett would go on to speak about how there have been lots of people concerned in the discussions of what they wished to do, however it nonetheless got here down to the resolution of 1 man.

“It’s a very collaborative organization,” Garrett stated. “There’s a lot of people, you have a lot of conversations about the decisions you want to make. Ultimately, Jerry is the owner/general manager, he’s the one that makes the decisions, he’s the one that drafts the player.”

It’s not all destructive for Garrett, as he additionally signifies that when he was profitable in getting the workforce to do what he believed was proper, that’s when the workforce was at its greatest.

“But I always felt like when we did a good job, when I did a good job communicating the vision, communicating the reason why we wanted this particular guy and we created consensus throughout the organization, that’s when we did the best work and anytime we fell short of that I put back on me for not doing my job well enough.”

The Cowboys did have some nice years below Garrett and in these moments it felt like he had the workforce below his management. The mindset was there, the juice was there, and it’s onerous not to be happy with the tradition he created. In the finish, it’s nonetheless a Jerry Jones-controlled soccer workforce and whereas Garrett might have carried out loads of issues proper, his greatest fault was being too compliant and never pushing onerous sufficient to do issues the proper means.

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