Kenny Golladay Ravens: How would they make it work?

Kenny Golladay Ravens
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Many people didn’t expect the Baltimore Ravens to get involved much with the wide receiver market. But this Kenny Golladay Ravens rumor you see below is growing and growing. It is even on the Baltimore Ravens website now, so there has to be some truth to it.

The only reason the Ravens are even involved is because they don’t necessarily have to get involved in a massive bidding war. His price has dropped from what was predicted because he doesn’t have as many potential suitors. Many NFL analysts expected him to be the first wide receiver off the market. But that didn’t happen. Corey Davis was the first big name to go.

I am sure many of us fans want this Kenny Golladay Ravens rumor to be true because, well, we are ready for Lamar Jackson to have a legit “number one wide receiver”. We have been ready for the Ravens to have one for a long time. Golladay had a down year in 2020 because of a hip injury, but from 2018-2019, Golladay showed just how high his ceiling is. In those two years, he caught 135 passes for 2,253 yards and 16 touchdowns.

Would Kenny Golladay be worth it for the Ravens?

Kenny Golladay would be the perfect receiver for the Ravens to bring in because they need an outside possession receiver who can win those one-on-one matchups. Having a guy like Golladay in the passing game would make the Ravens rushing attack even more dangerous. This may be the move that takes the Ravens all the way after three years of failing in the playoffs.

Look, Golladay is 6’4″, 218 lbs and runs about a 4.5 40-yard dash. The Ravens already have speed. They need a guy that is big and can go make the contested catches. That’s why they got Miles Boykin, but he hasn’t really developed into the type of player they wanted him to be. At least not yet. So this move makes a lot of sense.

Kenny Golladay Ravens

How can they make the Kenny Golladay Ravens rumor come true?

Look, I know it may not sound realistic. But it all depends on what Kenny Golladay’s contract ends up being. It appears that the only reason the Ravens are getting involved with Kenny Golladay talks is because his expected salary has dropped. There are less teams interested.

For the right price, the Ravens can make this happen. I mean Golladay probably wants to get paid. But here is the thing, I am sure he also wants to win. The Ravens present the best opportunity for Golladay to win a Super Bowl now. So, maybe given the way the market is this year, Golladay comes in for a year or two and then retests free agency when the market is better.

What about the other needs that the Ravens have?

Oh, you mean like center, pass rusher, and help in coverage?

Well, here is what they can do. Keep Orlando Brown Jr. because if he doesn’t play, he will become a restricted free agent. He will want to play and ball out, so he can get paid when he hits the open market. That stops you from creating another void. Then, push Bradley Bozeman to his original position of center from college.

After that, you can focus on everything else in the draft. Draft someone who can help out at left guard, maybe Alex Leatherwood (who has guard and tackle experience). Draft a pass rusher, maybe Carlos Basham Jr. or Joseph Ossai. Then, possible draft a cornerback to help out in the slot (in case Tavon Young is injured again) or a 3rd safety to help out in coverage.

The Ravens can absolutely sign Kenny Golladay and still fill the rest of their voids. They know how to draft well. This may be a necessary move. Give Lamar Jackson a chance to throw to a #1 wide receiver.

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