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Marcus Williams Is a Playmaker Excited About His New Playground

“You know, it just seemed like a good fit. Sometimes, God works in mysterious ways. Eric came in that morning. We hadn’t really talked about Marcus, and he said, ‘Hey, let’s look at Marcus Williams.’ And we did. And we kind of knew him as a player already, but you get into the tape it’s like, ‘Yeah, he’s a really good fit for us.’ And then you do some more research and make a couple of calls, you find out what a great guy he is, how hard he works, how much he loves the game. And then, next thing you know, he’s a Raven. So I had a big smile on my face, and I got to meet his whole family — his brothers, the guys who’ve been beating up on him his whole life, making him who he is, and his mom and dad. Great family. So we’re just happy to have him with us.”

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