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New York Giants CB Rodarius Williams hosts inaugural football camp

New York Giants cornerback Rodarius Williams and his brother, Cleveland Browns cornerback Greedy Williams, reunited this week.

The pair discovered themselves down house in Shreveport, Louisiana giving again to the neighborhood by means of their inaugural football camp.

“This is the first time that Greedy and I time finally met dealing with our occupation we have in the NFL,” Rodarius told the Norfolk Daily News. “The first thing we decided to do once we figured out our time would be meeting at a mesh point: come out here and put hands on.”

In partnership with Caddo Parks, the Williams brothers hosted 600 youngsters, ages between six and 16, at Independence Stadium on Saturday.

“There’s no more [important thing] than coming out here and putting in hours and time and showing the kids that hey, we’re actually here for y’all at the end of the day,” Rodarius mentioned. “When kids see that, they run around asking us tons of questions, tons of things like that. They’re so excited man and we’re just proud to be here.”

Rodarius and Greedy have been joined by a number of different NFL and faculty athletes, together with Los Angeles Rams cornerback Robert Rochell.

“Man, it feels great man because growing up we didn’t have this opportunity to touch on a NFL player who’s doing it at a high level,” Greedy mentioned.

“We know that interacting with them gives them a chance, just giving them hope and letting them know y’all are going to be here one day and just stay grinding. That’s our whole goal throughout the camp just to talk to the kids and give them motivation.”

Rodarius had his rookie season finish after struggling a torn ACL in Week 5, however has labored his means again and could also be prepared for the beginning of the season. At least that’s the Giants’ hope as they want all the assistance they’ll get at cornerback.

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