Ravens Depth Chart: How to Fill the Voids on Offense

Ravens Depth Chart
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So, I want to take a look at the Ravens Depth Chart at this current moment. Before re-signing anyone else, what potential voids do we have at starting positions?

Let’s take into consideration that Orlando Brown Jr. did request a trade and keep RT open.

What is the current outlook of the Ravens depth chart for the starting offense?

According to PFF, this is what the Ravens depth chart for the starting offense currently looks like. We are probably going to lose Willie Snead IV to free agency. I personally don’t trust Miles Boykin to fill that role, at least not yet. I am not saying he doesn’t have potential, but we need to add another receiver. Slot WR isn’t on there, but I believe that Devin Duvernay should play in the slot next year.

I don’t know about you, but right now this offensive Ravens depth chart doesn’t scream “Super Bowl team” to me. Look, I’m not saying I don’t have faith in most of the players listed, but we need to give Lamar Jackson more to work with. I definitely believe Lamar Jackson is capable of bringing us a few Lombardi trophies.

As far as the voids go, I want to start with wide receiver. I know many Ravens fans (myself included) would really prefer to just get that “number one WR.” Having an Allen Robinson, Kenny Golladay, or Chris Godwin on the Ravens depth chart would be fantastic. But that’s not going to happen.

The Ravens want to win now, but they also can’t afford to mortgage the future. For each of these positions, I will list 3 potential targets that could fill the void. I have speculated before about the Ravens trading Orlando Brown Jr. for a wide receiver, such as Adam Thielen or Michael Gallup. However, for now, I want to just focus on free agency or the draft.

Potential wide receivers that could fill the void for the Ravens:

#1 Rashod Bateman

Some mock drafts have the Ravens taking Rashod Bateman at #27 in the first round. I am not entirely sure that I agree, but I do like Rashod Bateman. Baltimore Beatdown actually has his pro comparison as DeAndre Hopkins. Whether that is true or not remains to be seen, but if it is I am more than happy with this. I don’t know about you, but I’d love to have the next DeAndre Hopkins on the Ravens depth chart.

#2 Corey Davis

Corey Davis is a former #5 overall pick. Right now, he has a projected market value of around $9.8 million per year. With the Ravens projected to only have around $18 million in cap space (depending on the final league salary cap), I am not sure if I see them dropping that much. They have a lot of holes to fill. But I would definitely agree with this free agent signing. He is coming off a season where he nearly had 1,000 yards. And honestly, I think the best is yet to come from Corey Davis.

Update: Corey Davis signed with the New York Jets

#3 Marvin Jones

Marvin Jones is coming off two back-to-back seasons of 9+ touchdowns. He is exactly what the Ravens need: a physical receiver that can make touchdown or third-down grabs. He is reliable and has the experience to get the job done when it’s needed the most. I think having Marvin Jones last season in the playoffs would have made a huge difference.

Update: Marvin Jones signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars

Update: Ravens signed Sammy Watkins.

What about the Raven’s offensive line?

Let’s be honest here: nobody really knows what is going to happen as far as Orlando Brown Jr. goes. I also highly doubt we re-sign Matt Skura. And I really don’t think Ben Powers is the answer at right guard. Who doesn’t love Ronnie Stanley, though? Also, Bradley Bozeman has a lot of potential.

I know that we probably need to draft for the offensive line, but I personally feel like we need veterans. I don’t want a rookie at center. After that Bills vs. Ravens playoff game, I wouldn’t fill very confident about a rookie center starting immediately.

Who should we add to the line then?
#1 Rick Wagner

I said it in a previous article and I am sticking with it. Bring Rick Wagner back to Baltimore. I don’t think he would cost an arm and a leg. He finished with a 77 overall PFF grade. Rick Wagner was a high-end pass blocker last season. Quite frankly, he is a proven veteran that would be an addition to any line that needs some help. Obviously, the Ravens need him more than the Packers do right now.

#2 Alex Mack

This is another player that I previously stated we should sign. I believe we could get him cheap because he is old and he probably wants to retire with a ring. The Ravens give him a great chance to do that. It is almost important to note that this would allow us to coach up a young guy with a great veteran center on the team. Alex Mack is reliable and will get the job done all year including January.

Update: Mack signed with the San Francisco 49ers.

#3 D.J. Fluker

While I don’t think Ben Powers is the answer, I am not sure that we can afford to bring in a new center, tackle, and guard. So, why not re-sign D.J. Fluker on a cheap deal to patch the hole at right guard. That is his original position anyway. I think he played better there than at right tackle, honestly.

The Ravens will always be an organization that considers right now and the future. I do believe it is time for us to invest in a wide receiver, though. This is a potential Ravens depth chart for the offense that I could see getting us to a Super Bowl next season:

Let me know your thoughts! I am always open to discussion on the Ravens. Also, stay tuned for my next article where I will go over the potential defensive depth chart for the Ravens.

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