Ravens Free Agency: 3 Players to Consider Bringing Back

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NFL Free agency 2021 is about to start next week. We only have around $20 million in cap space for Ravens free agency. Therefore, we are going to have to make some smart moves to fill all the voids that we have. There are a few NFL free agents that are former Ravens. It may be worth bringing a one or two of them back, especially if we know they are reliable.

At the start of every NFL offseason, teams know they are going to have voids to fill for the upcoming season. It’s usually not likely to retain every player. This Ravens free agency is no different. We find ourselves with voids on our offensive line, in the passing game, and at edge rush (even after re-signing Pernell McPhee). One could say that we also don’t have a true coverage safety either because both Chuck Clark and Deshon Elliot play more like strong safeties.

Furthermore, we may lose Orlando Brown Jr. to a trade this offseason because he longer wants to play RT. We can’t start him over Ronnie Stanley. Stanley is the better player and we also are paying him a lot more.

So, let’s go ahead and say we trade Orlando Brown Jr. We will probably end up with some draft picks. But then we have another void. It is possible to fill some of these voids in the draft with a solid starter or two, but it isn’t ideal to expect to get more than a couple of starters in the NFL Draft. Honestly, we really can’t even expect any of them to start, but the Ravens do draft well.

With that being said, I have found three players that I think would be ideal to bring back to help the Ravens.

#1 Former Ravens guard Kelechi Osemele

We are almost to free agency, so the likelihood of the Chiefs re-signing Osemele has gone down. He started off playing great, but injuries plagued him for much of the season. However, Touchdown Wire actually has Kelechi Osemele rated as one of the most underrated free agents in 2021. Even with the injury concerns, Osemele is worth the risk because he won’t cost that much. He played great for the Ravens.

In fact, he was on the Ravens 2012 Super Bowl team. He knows the Ravens and bringing him back would really help the interior of our offensive line. The young guys like Bradley Bozeman, Tyre Phillips, etc all have potential, but having a veteran like Osemele would help them develop. If the price is right and he is still available, I say this would be a great Ravens free agency signing.

Ravens free agency

#2 Former Ravens tackle Rick Wagner

We may or may not trade Orlando Brown Jr., but I feel like we are heading towards that. He wants to play LT, so even if we keep him, we would only get a third-round comp pick at best next Ravens offseason when we lose him. Yes, we can try and draft a replacement. But Rick Wagner is a former Raven who could step in immediately as a solid replacement. In fact, if you follow Pro Football Focus and trust their grading, Rick Wagner’s overall 2020 grade of 77 was slightly higher than Brown’s 76.4 grade.

Obviously, Brown is the younger, franchise option. But Wagner could be a great Ravens free agency signing at a sub-5 million dollar per year price. If we trade Brown, it may be necessary to bring Wagner in. He knows our organization and I believe he would welcome coming back. And since he was released, he also won’t affect the comp pick formula. The Ravens love players like that!

Ravens free agency

#3 Former Ravens WR John Brown

This one is obvious to me. In 2018, John Brown helped make the Ravens passing game relevant again. In his first and only year with the Ravens, he came in and caught 42 passes for 715 yards and 5 touchdowns. Those may not seem like the greatest numbers, but 17 yards per catch is pretty good. Furthermore, the Ravens current passing attack is struggling. I am not saying Brown would fix everything, but he couldn’t hurt. I honestly wish the Ravens would have kept him because one season later he put up over 1000 yards with the Buffalo Bills.

Although, I am sure the Ravens didn’t want to pay the same price as the Bills. That’s the great thing about re-signing him now, though. He is coming off an injury, he won’t cost as much. And because he was released by the Bills, he won’t count against the compensatory pick formula. Personally, I like John Brown. I also don’t believe we need to spend a lot on a receiver. We just brought in new coaches to help with the passing game and developing the younger receivers. Adding someone experienced like Brown during Ravens free agency could be helpful, but also wouldn’t cost that much.

Ravens free agency 2021

Ravens free agency 2021 is right around the corner! I am excited and I hope you are too. We have been very close to that third Super Bowl the past couple seasons. I believe that if we can tighten up a few areas that we can get there! Lamar Jackson will lead us to a few Super Bowls in his career.

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