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Ravens games

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I decided I wanted to make a list of my favorite Ravens games. The following are the Ravens games I believe to be the top 10 all-time.

#1. Mile High Miracle – January 12, 2013 – Ravens vs Broncos 38 – 35 (Divisional Playoffs)

Honestly, you know a game is good if you put it up above the franchises’ two Super Bowl wins. But I remember this game clearly. I was working nights at a restaurant and it was pretty slow. So, everyone was basically just watching the game. My boss was an Eagles fan, but when Joe Flacco stepped back and launched that 70-yard touchdown to Jacoby Jones, even he freaked out and started cheering. The whole place erupted. It was easily one of the greatest plays in Ravens history. It was my personal favorite. I still watch the replay to this day quite frequently. Justin Tucker drilled a 47-yard field goal in overtime, which sent the Ravens to the AFC Championship. There was something really special about that Ravens’ team.

Ravens games

#2. Super Bowl XLVII – February 3rd, 2013. Ravens vs 49ers, 34 to 31.

I put this above the first Super Bowl because I enjoyed this game more. It was a crazy one. And it was a great way to see Ray Lewis go out. From the start, it seemed this game would be a blowout like the first Ravens’ Super Bowl, but the lights went out in the Superdome. After that, it appeared that the 49ers would come back, but the Ravens defense held strong and forced a goal-line stand in the final minutes of the game for the win. It was a beautiful display of the tough Ravens defense we fans know and love.

#3. Super Bowl XXXV – January 28th, 2001. Ravens vs Giants, 34 to 7.

This Super Bowl featured the best defense of all time. The Ravens allowed the fewest number of points (165) and the fewest rushing yards (970) during the regular season in NFL history. The Ravens’ first Super Bowl came through a game where the Ravens held the New York Giants to 0 offensive touchdowns and forced 5 turnovers.

#4. Patriots AFC Championship Rematch – January 20th, 2013. Ravens vs Patriots, 28 to 13.

In the playoffs the year before, the Ravens watched a missed field goal steal their Super Bowl hopes. But the Ravens came in and stomped the Patriots in this rematch. The defense held the Patriots to 0 points in the second half. And Joe Flacco threw 2 touchdowns to Anquan Boldin to seal the Ravens’ trip to their eventual 2nd Super Bowl win.

#5. Rival Titans AFC Divisional – January, 7th 2001. Ravens vs Titans, 24 to 10.

The Ravens and Titans have always had a rivalry. And the Baltimore Ravens knew the Titans would be their toughest game en route to their first Super Bowl win. However, Ray Lewis was able to steal the ball from Titans’ running back Eddie George and race 50 yards for the game-ending touchdown.

#6. Ravens punch their ticket to the Super Bowl – January 14th, 2001. Ravens vs Raiders, 16 to 3, AFC Championship.

I had to include this game because it was the win that sent the Ravens to their first Super Bowl. This game was full of highlights from the Tony Siragusa belly flop onto Rich Gannon to the 96-yard TD by Shannon Sharpe. It was the stout defense, though, that ultimately won this one.

#7. Jamal Lewis Record – September, 13th 2003. – Ravens vs Brown, 33 to 10.

This game was a historic one for Jamal Lewis and the Baltimore Ravens. Lewis set the single-game rushing record of 295 yards (which was later broken by Adrian Peterson with 296). The game had an 82-yard touchdown run by Jamal Lewis within the first minute of the game.

#8. “Hey Diddle Diddle” – November 12th, 2012. – Ravens vs Chargers, 16 to 13.

Who can forget this one? Ray Rice caught a check-down pass on fourth-and-29 and ran for one of the most magical first down and plays in Ravens history. Definitely one of the best catch and runs I’ve ever seen, especially given the circumstances. Also, I have to give props to Anquan Boldin, who provided a key block on Eric Weddle during that play too.

#9. Superman Returns – December 14th, 2020. – Ravens vs Browns, 47 to 42.

This game kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. The Ravens had a decent 34 to 20 lead, but Lamar Jackson left the game in the 4th quarter with “cramps” due to having COVID recently. It seemed the Browns would run away with the game as a result, but as Trace McSorley went down on 3rd and 5 (after leading the Ravens down the field), Lamar Jackson returned. He came in on 4th and 5. Jackson appeared to be rolling out to scramble for the first, but then he lobbed a pass to Marquise Brown for the touchdown. The Browns did tie the game again, but ultimately Justin Tucker nailed a game-winning field goal.

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#10. Ravens finally win a playoff game in Pittsburgh – January 3rd, 2015. – Ravens vs Steelers, 30 to 17, AFC Wild Card Game, Heinz Field.

I could have included many different games in the Ravens vs Steelers rivalry. It is easily one of the greatest rivalries in NFL history. But I picked this one because after suffering playoff losses to the Steelers in 2008 and 2010, Flacco and the Ravens finally beat Pittsburgh in Heinz field during the playoffs. The game ended with an interception by Suggs on Roethlisberger.

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