Ravens Offseason 2021: 3 Cornerbacks that could provide depth

Ravens Offseason 2021

I know cornerback depth may seem like a luxury that we cannot afford this Ravens offseason. But cornerback may be one of the most important positions for a team to have depth.

According to Ravens Wire, the Baltimore Ravens put 5 cornerbacks on injured reserve last season. Now, we very well could just go the cheap route here. I mean, Tavon Young is on track to be healthy next season. I don’t know about you, though, but I don’t want to rely on Young without a back-up plan. I hope he can start a full season, but I want depth just in case.

There has been some speculation that the Ravens may try and bring in a safety to help out in coverage. That is a possibility. However, maybe we just play it safe and add depth behind Tavon Young in the slot. Then, Marlon Humphrey could get back to just playing on the outside. I believe that we should use veteran Jimmy Smith to help the safeties in coverage.

Who could provide that depth without costing an arm and a leg?

Quinton Dunbar

This one all depends on if the Seattle Seahawks decide to bring him back or not. I know that Dunbar had an injury last season and played poorly, but just hear me out. In 2019, Dunbar had four interceptions in just 11 starts. His performance that season earned him the second-highest overall grade for a cornerback from Pro Football Focus, only behind Richard Sherman.

This may not be the best option, but we aren’t asking him to come and be a full-time starter. This is for depth. And the great thing about Dunbar is that his 6-foot-2, 200-pound frame allows him to fill in at many different coverage positions. He has great potential, would provide great depth, and could come cheap because of his injury and play last season.

Elijah Molden

Who said it had to be a free agent? CBS Sports has Elijah Molden rated as the #57 overall prospect in the 2021 NFL Draft. We have the #58 overall pick. It is possible that he will still be there in the second round for us to draft. Some mock drafts out there have us picking a safety in the second round. That wouldn’t be bad either.

Although, Molden has actually taken reps at safety as well. In fact, he has taken reps at safety, slot, and on the outside. The former Husky is an ideal pick-up for this Ravens offseason. Molden could come in and immediately help either at safety or in the slot depending on how the season unfolds.

Deommodore Lenoir

Another potential draft pick to help out at both safety and cornerback is Deommodore Lenoir of the Oregon Ducks. He played cornerback for the Ducks, but PFF actually said his physicality combined with his speed may make him better suited as a safety. Last year, Lenoir and Jevon Holland combined to make one of the best cornerback and safety tandems in the NCAA.

Furthermore, Lenoir could be a mid or late-round selection for the Baltimore Ravens. So, unlike with Molden, they wouldn’t have to use a second-round pick on him. NBC Sports has him projected as a mid-round selection. He might be worth a fourth-round or fifth-round pick to give us some more depth at cornerback or help out at safety in coverage.

I would love for Tavon Young to stay healthy and perform at the high-level we know he is capable of, but we still need to find an insurance policy this Ravens offseason. This is especially important for when we potentially play teams like the Chiefs or Buccaneers, who always seem to have an endless supply of offensive weapons.

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