Ravens Press Conference 3/9/21 Details

Ravens press conference
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During the Ravens press conference today, Eric DeCosta and John Harbaugh went over the “state of the offseason.” I just wanted to touch on what important details were gained from the Ravens press conference today.

Ravens Press Conference Detail #1: Lamar Jackson’s contract update.

There is no need to worry about Lamar Jackson’s contract. It may or may not happen this year, but it doesn’t have to. DeCosta talked about his relationship with Lamar Jackson in a way that you can tell they are on good terms. Lamar Jackson actually has his mother as his agent, by the way.

Anyway, DeCosta did compare signing Lamar Jackson to trying to buy a car at a high-end car dealership. Eric DeCosta said, “you’re not going to get much of a discount.” So, we know that the Ravens are prepared to pay up for Lamar Jackson, as they should.

Ravens Press Conference Detail #2: Orlando Brown Jr. trade update

We learned in this Ravens press conference that the relationship between the organization and Orlando Brown Jr. is actually really good. I am sure some people didn’t believe that, considering Orlando Brown Jr. requested a trade. Orlando Brown Jr. wants to play LT. However, DeCosta and the Raven’s organization said they are open to trading him, as long as it is what is best for the team too.

DeCosta explained that Brown is under contract and he understands that. Basically, they are open to trade offers, but if they aren’t amazing ones, Brown may just end up having to play RT next season. He can’t holdout because then he would become a restricted free agent and possibly have to stay in Baltimore as a RT longer.

Ravens Press Conference Detail #3: Brandon Williams isn’t going anywhere.

I have noticed a lot of speculation lately among fans that Brandon Williams would be cut to create cap space. Personally, I never thought this made sense. It would just create another void for the Ravens. I feel that an extension would be better. Anyway, Eric DeCosta said straight up that he loves the way Brandon Williams plays and he expects him to be on the team in 2021. I approve that message! Keep him here.

Ravens press conference
Photo Credit: Baltimore Ravens

Ravens Press Conference Detail #4: Wide Receiver situation

DeCosta made it a point to mention that no one brought up anything regarding wide receivers for the first 25 minutes of the Ravens press conference. But I guess at this point the media knows that the Ravens will not be targeting any big names receivers. I agree with DeCosta and the Ravens. We don’t need to go spend a fortune on a “number one wide receiver.” DeCosta has an idea of the receivers he would like to add.

Harbaugh also mentioned he was actually evaluating free agent receivers and receivers in the upcoming draft. I would say we will most likely add a veteran or experienced free agent. Then, draft a receiver in the middle rounds of the NFL Draft. We already have enough young guys to keep developing, but it never hurts to add more. We do have other areas of need, though.

Ravens Press Conference Detail #5: Mark Andrews extension

During the Ravens press conference, we also learned that the Ravens have had preliminary discussions with Mark Andrews on his contract. General Manager Eric DeCosta absolutely wants to keep Mark Andrews. In the words of Eric DeCosta: “Mark is a very good player. I love everything about Mark.”

Oddly enough, Orlando Brown Jr. and Mark Andrews share the same agents. So, any time they talk to the agents, they get updates on both players. All signs point to the Ravens doing their best to keep Mark Andrews in purple and black.

Ravens Press Conference Detail #6: Gus Edwards extension

The Ravens are also working out a long-term deal with Gus Edwards. Eric DeCosta has no intentions of letting “Gus The Bus” out of Baltimore. DeCosta wants an extension but is willing to sign a tender as well. The Ravens know Gus Edwards is a big part of their number one rushing attack. I hope we can keep him in Baltimore for the long haul with J.K. Dobbins.

We learned a good bit from this Ravens press conference. I hope you enjoyed it too. While you are waiting for the Ravens to make some offseason moves, check out some of my projections below for what they might do.

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