Ravens Update: McPhee, Fans & More

Ravens update Pernell Mcphee
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This week was full of one Ravens update after another.

Honestly, I love how they take the time to actually build a team. Each move that we make as an organization is calculated. The front office considers the past, present, and future with every decision. They also consider how it all goes together or potentially doesn’t. This is exactly why the Ravens are in the playoffs more often than they are not.

Now for the remainder of the offseason, I will be doing a weekly Ravens update. I will continue with these Ravens updates once the season starts, but the topics will change. It will be geared more towards Ravens game review and analysis at that point. With that being said, I want to get you up to date on what happened this week.

Ravens update on Pernell McPhee

This update started as a rumor at the beginning of the month. McPhee came out and said that he wanted to stay with the Baltimore Ravens. He is even quoted saying: “Of course, the plan is to come back to Baltimore and continue to play some ball, help win a championship and build a dynasty.” I love that and I love McPhee. Now it is more than a rumor because the Ravens and McPhee have come to an agreement.

I cannot tell you how happy this seemingly small signing made me. The only active and signed outside linebacker (EDGE) that we had on the roster was Jaylon Ferguson. No offense to Jaylon, but I was not happy about that. This was a necessary move. McPhee brings a lot of heart and experience to our defense.

McPhee is also the last remaining player (he did leave and come back though) from the 2012 Ravens Super Bowl squad. As I said, he brings experience. Having played next to some of the greats on defense like Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, and Terrell Suggs, he knows what it takes to win a championship. McPhee deserves to retire a Raven.

Marcus Peters contract was restructured

The Ravens worked with Marcus Peters to restructure his contract. This created $3.5 million in cap space. Basically, this covered the cost of signing Gus Edwards’ tender. Though, the Ravens actually seek to sign Edwards to a long-term deal.

I think this is a great move. The Ravens needed to create some extra cap space to get things done this offseason with the NFL salary cap going down. However, I kind of wish they would have just extended him. That could have saved even more money and made sure Peters stays longer. He is only signed for two more years. Marcus Peters has proven to be a very valuable part of our secondary.

Fans, injuries & more

The Ravens actually only had fans one time in 2020. That’s terrible. Only one game had fans… Head Coach John Harbaugh actually came out and said on record that fans are “absolutely going to happen” in 2021. That is great news if you are a Ravens fan, especially for season ticket holders.

Personally, I agree. It is time to let fans back in the stadium. We can do it safely at this point in the pandemic.

Ravens update on Injuries

The Ravens also came out with an injury update for Ronnie Stanley, Nick Boyle, and Tavon Young. It’s amazing how far we got last year without those three high-value players. All three are on pace to return for the start of next season. That is fantastic news!

Ravens Rumors

The Ravens are rumored to be interested in veteran edge rusher Carlos Dunlap. Dunlap actually was traded to the Seahawks last season. He provided a huge boost to their pass rush. Carlos Dunlap finished with five sacks and 14 QB hits in 8 games for the Seahawks.

If the price is right, I say go for it.

Thanks for reading this week’s Ravens Update. Come back soon for more Ravens updates, news, and articles!

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