Sammy Watkins Twitter Rumor: Watkins to the Baltimore Ravens?

Sammy Watkins Twitter

There is a Sammy Watkins Twitter rumor right now. I reached out to Sammy Watkins in an informal tweet. Below is his response to the tweet. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean he is going to come to Baltimore. The Ravens obviously would have to make an offer.

Even though this is just a Sammy Watkins Twitter “rumor,” it does appear that he would be open to it. Plus, the amount of love that Sammy Watkins received from the tweet has been increasing since I sent it. Many Ravens fans would love to see Watkins here. I am one of them. Yes, I am well aware that people want that “number one wide receiver,” like Kenny Golladay.

I am open to that, but the price would have to be a lot less than the $18.5 million per year he is reported to want. It’s just not realistic for the run-heavy Baltimore Ravens to shell out that kind of money. Kenny Golladay, like Watkins, also comes with health concerns. The difference is, Watkins wouldn’t cost $18.5 million per year.

I believe that the Ravens could get Sammy Watkins to Baltimore below market value. Let’s be honest, Sammy Watkins injury history does present some risk in a deal, so that should lower his value slightly. But it’s also because of this current wide receiver market and the fact that he has played on 3 teams. I imagine that he would be willing to take a 3 to a 4-year deal at around $25 to 30 million to be with a great team long-term (with possible incentives if he plays a certain number of games or reaches certain targets).

For the Ravens, Golladay is not worth that kind of money because he is not going to put the 1,500 yards and 15 touchdowns that justify that kind of money in their offense. It would be great, but it doesn’t make sense with the Ravens’ run-heavy offense.

Furthermore, even with Sammy Watkins injury history, he has started in 75% of his games over his seven-year career. He also has playoff experience and a Super Bowl win. On the other hand, in his four-year career, Golladay has only started in 67% of his games due to injury.

Watkins is a tough dude. He has been through adversity and he is still ready to come and ball out for a team. No, Sammy Watkins stats have not been the same since his first two seasons with the Buffalo Bills. In his first two seasons, he put up 982 yards and 1,047 yards respectively.

Sammy Watkins Twitter
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The thing is, Sammy Watkins stats have still been good since then. He is reliable and can be a great wide receiver to complement Marquise Brown. He has that toughness and is a physical receiver. As far as Sammy Watkins injury history goes, most of his injuries kept him out short-term, whereas Golladay’s injuries usually sidelined him much longer.

Also, I want you to consider this. Sammy Watkins acted as the third guy for Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes had Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill as his usual targets. I know they are all different players, but Kelce and Hill have similar skillsets as Marquise Brown and Mark Andrews. Watkins could do the same thing and open up the field for Andrews and Brown to get open and produce more. It would cost dramatically less than what bringing Kenny Golladay to Baltimore would.

Watkins would be the perfect addition for the Ravens. He will show up in the playoffs, as he did in the Chiefs’ Super Bowl LIV run. Sammy Watkins stats during the 2020 AFC Championship game were off the charts. He had 7 receptions for 114 yards. But the biggest play came with his 60-yard touchdown reception early in the fourth quarter. It was clutch because it gave the Chiefs a 35-17 lead. That pretty much sealed the deal for them.

As far as being worried about Watkins being unhappy with a low amount of targets in the Baltimore Ravens offense… consider his response to his lack of production compared to Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill:

“That’s not my job,” said Watkins, who signed a three-year, $48 million free-agent contract with the Chiefs last year. “That’s not what I focus on. … We have so many superstars on this team and so many guys that can catch the ball.”


Sammy Watkins is the kind of guy that you bring in to add that secret weapon. When the defense is foolish enough to only focus on covering Lamar Jackson, Marquise Brown, Mark Andrews, and/or Dobbins, you unleash Sammy Watkins on them for the win. That was the Chiefs’ philosophy and it can work for the Baltimore Ravens.

The greatest part, you get a great guy with a positive attitude, who comes in ready to lead and is grateful for the opportunity.

On top of all of that, you still have some money left over to help out in coverage depth, with the pass rush, or on the offensive line! I mean, PFF did predict the Ravens would sign Sammy Watkins (Three years, $30 million ($10M APY): $21 million total guaranteed, $16.5 million fully guaranteed at signing).

Think about it: Sammy Watkins combined with Mark Andrews, Marquise Brown, and the Ravens’ rushing attack. That would make them an even scarier team than they were in 2019. Watkins also has history with Greg Roman (during his time in Buffalo) and new Ravens’ pass game specialist Keith Williams. This is one Sammy Watkins Twitter rumor that I hope is real and leads to the Ravens signing him to a long-term deal. It just makes sense.

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