Should the Ravens trade up during the 2021 NFL Draft?

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It is quite possible that the Ravens trade during the 2021 NFL Draft. Now, it seems more likely that they would trade back to acquire more picks. Whether Orlando Brown Jr. is still a part of any trade package remains to be seen. However, I feel as if the Ravens have a better shot at a Super Bowl with Orlando Brown Jr. on the roster.

But let’s make the case for a possible 2021 NFL Draft trade for the Ravens that includes Orlando Brown Jr.

Could the Ravens trade Orlando Brown Jr. to move up in the draft?

I could see this happening. And I am honestly cool with it regardless of the outcome. I am happy if the Ravens keep Orlando Brown Jr. He increases their chances at winning a Super Bowl. According to Bleacher Report, they could see the Vikings offering the Ravens this deal:

  • #14 pick, #125 pick and a 2022 second round pick for Orlando Brown Jr. and the #27 pick.

I like this idea, but only if a top-tier player, specifically a WR is available still at #14. Basically, I am saying the Ravens should wait until the Vikings are on the clock to make this trade and have a list of potential players they would draft if they are available.

The most likely options available at receiver would be DeVonta Smith or Jaylen Waddle. Both could be drafted prior to #14, though. Though, the Ravens could make this trade to get a replacement for Brown too. Alijah Vera-Tucker is a highly versatile offensive lineman who can play tackle or guard. I wouldn’t be mad if the Ravens traded up to acquire him. That would replace Brown for the next four to five years at a low cost.

But why trade away your first-round pick and trade up for a replacement for Brown…when you can replace him with your current pick or even potentially in the second round? That’s why I think the Vikings may not be the best trade partner. In fact, I would rather the Ravens trade Brown to the Vikings for a second or third-round pick and Adam Thielen or Danielle Hunter by himself, then #14. That way they can keep their first-rounder too.

In my opinion, the better trade partner for trading up would be the Washington Football Team. The Ravens could keep their #27 pick and trade Orlando Brown Jr. outright to the Washington Football Team for #19. Someone like Vera-Tucker or Christian Darrisaw will potentially still be available at #19. Or the Ravens could get Brown’s replacement at #27 in Teven Jenkins or Jalen Mayfield or someone else. And use the #19 pick for the best player available.

The best way I could see it play out in this situation is that the Ravens trade Orlando Brown Jr. for #19. Then they draft Azeez Ojulari at #19 and Brown’s replacement at #27. Imagine a first-round where the Ravens draft arguably the most polished and pure pass-rusher in the draft (Ojulari) and someone to immediately replace Orlando Brown Jr. That’s a success.

And to me, drafting pass-rush and offensive line is much smarter than just drafting a wide receiver and hoping for the best. The WR class is so deep that it isn’t necessary to draft one in the first round. Honestly, I’d rather them sign Antonio Brown or draft another pass-catching tight end. I think we already have some solid young receivers that could develop into great players, such as Devin Duvernay and James Proche.

“[Playing for the Ravens] would be a dream come true, because I come from a defensive school,” Ojulari said on Glenn Clark Radio March 10. “It would be a dream come true, playing with the best of the best and always having an opportunity to compete, get a chance to go to the playoffs and win a Super Bowl.”

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