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Last season, Chuck Clark and DeShon Elliot were able to play all 16 games of the season for the Ravens. Elliot definitely stepped up after Earl Thomas was released. However, the Ravens could benefit from adding a more versatile safety with better range and ball skills. The Ravens safety needs in coverage are apparent given that Elliot and Clark combined for just one interception last season.

Now, I don’t expect the Ravens to draft a safety in the first-round. I see them drafting an edge-rusher or wide receiver most likely in the first-round. But there are some safeties that the Ravens could draft on Day 2 or Day 3 that could immediately help out in coverage.

Potential Ravens safety #1: Andre Cisco, Syracuse.

In 25 games, Andre Cisco had 13 interceptions. The Ravens finished with just 10 total interceptions last season (4th fewest in the NFL). They could definitely benefit from adding a safety who is a ball hawk to the roster.

Now, Cisco does have injury concerns. He missed the majority of last season with a knee injury, but this could cause him to fall and allow the Ravens to grab him in the 2nd or 3rd round of the 2021 NFL Draft. I think Cisco would be a solid pick at #58. But it would be even better if the Ravens were able to draft him in the 3rd-round.

Richie Grant, UCF Knights. Image Credit: Vasha Hunt USA Today Sports

Potential Ravens safety #2: Richie Grant, Central Florida.

Over his college career, Grant had 10 interceptions and 7 forced fumbles. He is actually a perfect fit for the Ravens’ defense because of his ability to play anywhere in the secondary. Wink Martindale loves to have players that he can use in various ways on the defense.

The Ravens would benefit from having a third safety that can excel in coverage, but Grant can also provide nickel corner depth as well with his skillset. It is possible that someone selects Grant in the second-round given his skillset, but it is more realistic that Richie Grant is selected in the 3rd or 4th round of the 2021 NFL Draft. That would make him an absolute steal for the Ravens, given how much he could offer their defense.

Potential Ravens safety #3: Jevon Holland

If the Ravens can land Jevon Holland in the second or third round, I would be very happy with that selection. Holland is great in coverage. He is able to run with receivers in coverage as well. The Ravens are lacking that safety that can pick up receivers downfield and blanket them in the deep parts of the field. He is fast enough to run with most WRs vertically.

Holland is also great at reading the eyes of the quarterback. Even though Holland is not the biggest safety, he is still able to be physical and play well in run defense. To top it all off, Holland is a great special teams player too. He has been dangerous in the return game. I mean the Ravens have not brought back Anthony Levine yet, so adding Holland could help in many areas. Plus, he also has experience playing cornerback.

It would definitely benefit the Ravens to add a good coverage safety at some point in the 2021 NFL Draft. DeShon Elliot and Chuck Clark are good safeties, but they both have strong safety skillsets. Neither one is a ball hawk or the best in coverage.

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