What Are the Top 10 Plays in Ravens History?

Ravens history

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I wanted to make a list of the top 10 plays in Ravens history. These Ravens plays are the ones that I came up with, but there are so many great ones. I included a poll at the bottom where you can vote on your top choice. The 10 that I came up with will not be in any specific order. We will let the poll decide. If you have another Ravens play you want to include, please add it to the comments!

Hey Diddle Diddle – Ray Rice 4th and 29 Ravens Play.

If Ray Rice didn’t convert this 4th and 29 check-down pass from Joe Flacco, the Ravens’ second Super Bowl may not have happened. The Ravens would go on to win in overtime, but they ended up losing the next three games. But they just made the Playoffs at 10-6 and went on to win the 2nd Super Bowl in Ravens history.

Ravens plays
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Mile High Miracle – The most unbelievable moment in Ravens history.

In this playoff game, the Ravens were the clear underdogs. With less than a minute remaining in regulation, the Ravens were down 7 and 70 yards away from the end zone. Joe Flacco and Jacoby Jones took advantage of the miscommunication in the Denver Broncos’ secondary. Flacco connected with Jones on a 70-yard touchdown pass with just 41 seconds remaining in the game. Flacco threw the ball 55-yards and Jones finished it off. Then, the Ravens went on to win 38-35 in double overtime. Without this play, there is no 2nd Super Bowl for the Ravens.

Ravens plays
Jacoby Jones catches Joe Flacco’s pass and runs for a 70-yard touchdown to send the game to overtime.

Ray Lewis steals the ball from Eddie George for 50-yard TD.

The Titans were trying to come back from being down seven points in the fourth quarter of this divisional playoff game. But Ray Lewis snatched the ball out of Eddie George’s hands. George was in the middle of juggling the ball and trying to make the catch, but Lewis had other plans. He returned it 50-yards for his first career touchdown.

Ravens history
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Haloti Ngata breaks Big Ben’s nose.

This play just gives me joy. As a Ravens fan should, I hate the Pittsburgh Steelers with a passion. Even though the Ravens did end up blowing a fourth-quarter lead in this game and Big Ben had a game-winning drive, watching him walk off the field with a jacked-up nose was just an amazing moment in Ravens history.

Ed Reed intercepts the ball and returns it for 107-yards.

Well, you could also put Reed’s 106-yard interception return versus the Browns. But I enjoyed this one a little more. This was a thrilling play where Reed broke his own record by one-yard. Ed Reed was such an exciting player to watch.

Image Credit: Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Shannon Sharpe takes Trent Dilfer’s 6-yard pass 90 more yards for a TD that sends the Ravens to their first Super Bowl.

This Ravens play is the longest play in Ravens history. Trent Dilfer threw Shannon Sharpe the ball on a short 6-yard slant and Sharpe ran it 90 more yards for the games only touchdown. This play was actually on a 3rd-and-18. If you watch the highlight, you can actually see speedster Patrick Johnson pushing Sharpe to the end zone to make sure no one could tackle him. This play pretty much punched the Ravens’ ticket to their first Super Bowl.

Lamar Jackson throws a touchdown to Marquise Brown on 4th-and-5.

Lamar Jackson “Not Bad for a Running Back” T-shirt

When the Ravens were up, Lamar Jackson left this game with “cramps.” McSorley went down on third down and we weren’t sure who would be the QB. But then Lamar Jackson returned on a 4th-and-5 where the Ravens looked as if they may lose this game. Out of nowhere, Lamar rolled out and throws a touchdown pass to Marquise Brown to save the season. Justin Tucker later hits a game-winning field goal. This was one of the best Ravens plays I have ever seen for sure.

Anquan Boldin catches an important third-down conversion in Super Bowl XLVII.

This isn’t the most exciting or the prettiest Ravens play in the world, but it was a huge play in the Ravens’ second Super Bowl. The 49ers had all the momentum after the lights went out in the Super Dome. On this critical 3rd-and-1 from their own 45-yard line, Boldin caught a pass from Flacco to keep the chains moving. And it wasn’t like Boldin wasn’t be covered. But it didn’t matter he caught that ball like his life depended on it.

Lamar Jackson’s 48-yard touchdown against the Titans to help secure his first playoff win.

This run was a thing of beauty. It shows you that Lamar is probably even faster than anyone realizes. Not many plays in Ravens history have been this spectacular. It was just beautiful how Lamar was able to read the coverage and know that he could potentially run a touchdown. And then do it. This play was a huge part of Lamar Jackson’s first playoff win.

Ravens plays

Ed Reed laterals the ball to Dawan Landry for the game ending touchdown.

Ed Reed holds the record for the two longest interception returns ever at 106 and 107. Even so, he still made other great plays too. And he always wanted the Ravens defense to score. For example, in this play, Reed wasn’t satisfied with just getting the interception. He lateraled the ball to Dawan Landry because he saw that he had a lane to score.

What are the top 10 plays in Ravens history?
2013: Mile High Miracle
2012: Hey diddle diddle, Ray Rice up the middle. Ray Rice converts a 4th and 29.
2001: Ray Lewis steals the ball from Eddie George for 50-yard TD.
2010: When Haloti Ngata broke Big Ben’s nose
2008: Ed Reed’s 107-yard pick-six vs. the Eagles.
2020: Lamar Jackson returns to throw a TD to Marquise Brown on 4th and 5 against the Browns
2013: Anquan Boldin catches a third-down conversion in Super Bowl XLVII
2021: Lamar Jackson’s 48-yard touchdown against the Titans for his first playoff win.
2001: Shannon Sharpe takes Dilfer’s 6-yard pass 90 more yards for a TD that sends the Ravens to their first Super Bowl.
2010: Ed Reed laterals the ball to Dawan Landry for the touchdown.
Another play! Add it to the comments!

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