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Why Kyle Hamilton Might Have Been the Best Pick of the Draft

The new defensive strategy Solak is referring to is the shift from former Defensive Coordinator Wink Martindale’s penchant for sending stress and taking part in man protection to new Defensive Coordinator’s Mike Macdonald’s penchant for simulated stress and taking part in a spread of coverages.

That interprets to having three safeties on the area, which explains why the Ravens drafted Hamilton after they already had returning starter Chuck Clark and marquee free-agent acquisition Marcus Williams.

“At Hamilton’s size and explosiveness he can make legit plays as a pass rusher moving downhill. And with his length and coverage acumen he can bail into pass defense and be equally effective,” Solak mentioned. “Hamilton was one of the premier players in all of college football but he endured a pre-draft slide after a poor 40-yard dash. This slide dropped him in the lap of the Ravens, one of the league’s perennial best drafting teams.

“The new actuality of the franchise {that a} defensive philosophy shift demanded new sources at security intersected with the tried and true commandments of the franchise: to draft for worth and gamble on super-sized athletes. And the Ravens made that choose simply. The Ravens are at the forefront of funding at the security place now.”

With safeties becoming more valuable in the NFL — the four-highest safety contracts by average annual value have all been signed in 2021 or later — Hamilton is an incredible bargain, as he is only the 29th-highest-paid safety in the league.

Hamilton’s four-year, fully guaranteed rookie contract is reportedly worth $16.255 million. Earlier this week, the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Minkah Fitzpatrick signed a four-year contract extension that makes him the league’s highest paid safety, with an average annual value of $18.4 million.

“The league is studying simply how a lot safeties matter, and groups are scrambling to get forward of that wave,” Solak said. “Predicting that the Ravens will look sensible for one of their draft picks is not a tough wager to make. They’re a straightforward staff to belief. But the Hamilton choose ought to look sensible for a myriad of causes.

“It’ll look smart because Hamilton will be a doggone good football player, an outcome made all the more likely by his joining a good defensive coaching staff with a system that should maximize his impact. It’ll look smart because when he becomes a doggone good football player in that system, he’ll be a cornerstone of the system, a key cog in the machine and a big reason why it works. And it’ll look smart because safeties got paid last year, safeties got paid this year and safeties are going to keep getting paid. And for every safety that gets paid, Hamilton’s contract is going to look more and more like a bargain.”

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